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The Orders function is used to create "Purchase" or "Requisition" orders for your suppliers.

Purchase Orders contain a list of parts or services you add from the system's parts libraries which you wish to purchase from any of your suppliers.

Items you add to a Purchase Order are "assigned" to one of three assignment options:

  • Work Order assignment
  • Client assignment
  • Stock assignment

The assignments effect the way G-E "handles" each item when the parts or services are received from your supplier and "receipted" against the Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders have behind the scene "ties" with work orders, clients and the Inventory. Purchase Orders also give you direct access to the system's parts libraries so parts files can be updated as your supplier invoices come to hand.

The use of Purchase Orders ensures all purchased parts and services are accountable. This prevents items being missed on work orders so you are always paid for the items you purchase for jobs.

New Purchase Order

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