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G-E Automotive Systems is a powerful software application, designed explicitly for use in Automotive Workshops for Mechanics, Auto Electricians & Motorcycle Repairers.

The software has been designed and refined over several years of actual workshop use, not in the cosy comfort of a programmers office!
     G-E Automotive Systems (founded 1999) throws a very serious challenge at the standard of workshop software currently available to the industry.

G-E Automotive Systems is truly international with registered users in Australia, New-Zealand United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

This site is quite likely the largest and most comprehensive automotive workshop management software site you will find which is a testament in itself  to the time and effort we dedicate to this software.

The site will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to our software.
Compare it with others and make up your own mind.

This site was last updated:
12 December 2010

Known issues with the current version 3.45

Click Here to see what's new in  ver: 3.45

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