As you are reading this, you are probably in the market for workshop management software or comparing software with a package you already own or you are possibly my competition looking to see what I have to offer.

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To help you with your decision, if you are looking for software, I have included links here to competitors websites to assist you with your search. This is by no means a complete list, but does include the sites I've found so far. I will add to the list as I find others but as you would appreciate, building this list and promoting my competition is hardly "up there" on my list of priorities.

There is no benefit for me in introducing my competition to you, in fact I'm sure you wouldn't find links to this site on my competitors sites! Competitors, check this out!

I know this software, I designed it and I use it every working day (& at home at night). I know this software is serious competition for other systems in all aspects, including performance, support and cost and therefore have no problem with introducing my competitors to you.

One of these systems may be better suited to you, by all means check them out. If you do buy a system listed here, be sure you tell them my site introduced you and a "spotters fee" would be most welcome! (At the very least, a "thank-you" would be nice).

  • Don's Auto Pages
    A "mindboggling" site of all sorts of automotive links, including software. This is a NZ site which has links to many Australian and worldwide sites. (Don's has a very active link to this site so they get to be on top!) 
  • Autosoft
    Workshop management software.
  • Fleetman
    Workshop management software.
  • The Leading Hand
    Workshop management software endorsed by the I.A.M.E!
  • Workshop Manager
    Workshop management software.
  • Tradepronamics
    A fraction cheaper than G-E. (For the first year). (Better have a decent broadband connection!)
  • Data-Development
    Workshop management software.