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The Main Menu page consists of the engine graphic headed by the Main Menu options at the top. All program functions start from this screen.

After the initial installation, several options will not be available (greyed out). These options become available as information is entered into the system. eg. All the Vehicle options are unavailable as there are no vehicles in the system. A new vehicle cannot be added to the system until the owner's details are added. (A vehicle requires an owner as vehicles can't pay bills!). Adding clients then their vehicles is a good place to start.

The underlined letter in each menu option is the "Hotkey" for each menu option. Selection of the Main Menu options may be made by either clicking the option with the mouse or by typing the hotkey letter. eg. To select the Vehicle option, press the V key. The vehicle drop down menu appears.

To select an option from the "Drop Down Menu", click the option with the mouse or type the hotkey corresponding to your choice. Alternatively, use the Up or Down arrow keys to highlight the option required, then press the Enter key.

Some of the drop down menu options are accompanied with a "Ctrl+". These key combinations are shortcuts available from the Main Menu screen. From the Main Menu screen, type the letter corresponding to the option you wish to select while pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key. eg. To select "Vehicle History" from the Main Menu screen, press the "H" key while pressing and holding the Ctrl key. (Ctrl+H) This has the same effect as selecting "Vehicle" from the Main Menu options then selecting "Vehicle History" from the vehicle drop down menu.

For further instructions about selecting and moving about within the program see "Search and Select Methods".


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