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While updating the software to version 3.22, we purchased and fully integrated the "Sentry Spell Check Engine". This is a well known "3rd party" utility utilized by many major software developers world wide.

A couple of G-E users suggested a spell check function in the software would be useful. Once again, we prove we listen to our users and endeavour to deliver!

This is a powerful spell check utility which automatically watches your spelling in all of G-E's text editors. "Text Editors" are any place in the software where you type notes. eg. The "Notes" section of work orders, quotes, tax adjustments. Other editors include: Letters, default and client notes in the statements function etc.

The spell checker is always active.

Incorrectly spelt words are highlighted in red and underlined. Double click on the errors and the spell check function will pop up a selection of likely replacements. Words can be added to the library if needed.

The pop up menu presented by the spell check function has an "Options" menu item. Clicking on this option displays the main control for the spell checker where you can tailor it to suit your needs and access an integrated "help" system.




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