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Thank-you for visiting the G-E Automotive Systems On-Line Manual.

Experience has once again taught me that manuals are rarely referred to despite the vast amount of work and countless hours that goes into the preparation of them.

G-E Automotive Systems has one of the most user friendly interfaces of all workshop software utilising a logical sequence of functions with self explaining function names. G-E, however, is no small program with capabilities which excel giving it processing power to trivialise others.

Indeed, most functions do not require reference to a manual, however, to get the most out of the package, some functions do.

Unfortunately, in spite of our best efforts, with power comes a little complexity. Even with its more complex functions, G-E will still perform admirably in spite of a user not using some of the more complex functions entirely correctly. The result of this is not errors and headaches for the user, instead the user is just unwittingly not getting the most out of the software.

Please refer to this manual often as a new user of the system. You will quickly learn the correct use of the more complex functions and realise the advantages of learning to use them correctly.

If you are totally averse to manuals, you are strongly urged to at least peruse the "Parts" section. The parts system built into G-E is a powerful part of the program with far reaching "fingers" throughout the software.

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