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This program, (fondly referred to by the programmers as "G-E" and we refer to the program as "G-E" in this manual), is written for the Windows environment and requires an IBM or compatible system to run.
The minimum system requirements are:

An IBM or compatible machine with 166Mhz processor.
64MB ram. 128MB for XP, NT & 2K.
Windows 9x, ME XP NT 2K.
Removable media drive for backups. Do yourself a favour, get a "Flash Drive".
A printer with Windows driver set to LPT1.
Screen resolution set to a minimum of 800x600.

When the program is started for the first time after installation, the initial setup dialogue is displayed. If the program is installed in New-Zealand, check the box marked: "Check this box if you are in New-Zealand". This causes the New-Zealand specific files to be installed. Leave the check box blank if installing outside New-Zealand.

If you wish to enable the system password, (the password protects various editing, sensitive financial information and deletions) enter a password into the "Password" field. Enter the same password in the "Confirm" field to check the entry. (The password is "case sensitive"). Leave the fields blank to disable the password. The password can be enabled at any time.

If you know your current bank balance, enter the figure in the "Bank" field. If you know your current cash on hand, enter the figure into the "Cash" field. Leave the fields blank if you do not have the figures to hand. These figures can be entered or changed later.

Fill in the "Company Details" fields. Information you enter in these fields is used by G-E to form your headers on printouts. These can be changed at any time. Click Ok to proceed.

The "About" dialogue is displayed showing how we may be contacted for answers to questions, support and registration codes. This screen is available at any time within the program. Click Ok on the About dialogue to clear it from the screen and present the Main Menu. Installation is now complete.

If you have installed the software for evaluation purposes and as yet have not purchased the registration code, the system will only allow 100 invoices to be generated. A reminder of this and the number of remaining invoices will be shown each time a new work order is opened. This reminder is not shown when the system is registered with a valid code. After the 100th invoice has been generated, G-E will cease to function until a valid registration code is entered. If you evaluate the software and decide to purchase a registration code, please do not wait until your last "100th free" invoice is generated. Doing so will render you unable to access your data until you register the software!

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