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The Docket utility is useful for generating quick cash sales of any item in the parts libraries. This is particularly useful if you sell a small number of spare parts over the counter or maybe soft drinks or whatever.

We would like to stress the Docket Utility is not designed for invoicing clients for work performed on vehicles. If work is performed on any vehicle, the client and vehicle should be added to the system in the normal manner and invoiced appropriately.

The Docket Utility does not record client details and therefore full payment is expected for the sale on the spot. The system will not allow the docket to be processed without being paid in full.

Docket printouts are formatted to save printing resources. As such, the company logo is not printed and the general print format is simplified. The format will self adjust to the printer driver page settings so a docket will print equally well on A4 or A5 paper etc. A5 paper is a good choice to save printing costs. Dockets may be sent to a different printer other than the system default.

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