System Requirements


As with any modern software, the more powerful the computer the better.
G-E is written in a very efficient language (NOT Visual Basic!) which compiles extremely small executables that run very fast.

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System Requirements


The minimum requirements to run G-E with acceptable performance are:
IBM or compatible machine running Windows 95 or later.
Pentium, Celeron, Duron 120 processor.
64 Mb ram.
Floppy disk drive for backups. (Groan!)
Laser or inkjet printer set to LPT1.
15" monitor set at 800 x 600 screen resolution.
(At a screen resolution of 800x600, some dialogues may slighlty exceed the screen's viewing area).

The preferred requirements to run G-E are:
IBM or compatible machine running Windows 98 or later.
Pentium or Athlon 400 processor or faster.
128 Mb ram or more. (Especially for Win XP, NT or 2K).
A Zip disk drive, USB Flash drive or CD burner for backups. (Anything but floppy disks!!!)
Laser or inkjet printer set to LPT1 or USB, capable of 8 ppm or better.
17" monitor or larger set to 1024 x 768 resolution or higher.

Any computer purchased within the last four years, running Windows would be more than capable of running G-E Automotive Systems.
Older computers will still run the software, however when the system has stored vast amounts of data, (two to three years of input) intensive searches would tend to be rather slow.