Purchasing G-E Automotive Systems is a simple procedure.

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System Requirements 

If you decide to purchase G-E Automotive Systems, you will actually be buying a registration code. The software and updates are freely available from this site, however until it is registered with the purchased registration code, it will be limited to generating 100 invoices. This gives you ample time to come to a purchase decision.

After the 100th invoice has been generated, the program will cease to function until the correct code is entered. A registration code can be issued by any means, email, phone, post etc. Applying the correct registration code will instantly remove the work order "pre-window" and 100 invoice restriction without effecting the data you have in the system.

As a registered user of the software, you are entitled to install it on any number of computers as well as make and distribute copies. Be aware, however, among other items, the software will be registered to your company name and ABN. (NZ GST Number). If you wish to reregister the software to an ABN which differs from the original, we will regard the change as a different business and as such the software will need to be purchased again. If you change your company name, we will gladly issue you the new code at no cost as long as the ABN (NZ GST Number) remains the same.

The purchase price of the registration code is:
$865.00 AUD including GST if purchased in Australia.
$805.00 AUD if purchased outside Australia.

Check the cost in your currency here. XE.com - The Universal Currency Converter.

Updates for the software are continuously being developed. The updates are posted on this site on the Downloads page for free download as they are developed and tested.

We will never ask for more money for future updates. If we consider the software price should rise in future, registered users will pay no more.

If you wish to purchase a registration code, please contact me for payment details. 

Please Note, this is important!
You are purchasing the registration code, not the software. The software is free on this site for everyone to download. If you sell your business, you do not have the right to sell the software with the business, it is not yours to sell. You are entitled to sell your registration code as that is what you have purchased but it is of little use to the new owner of your business. The new owner will have to purchase their own registration code just as everyone else has.

International payments can be made through "PayPal" a recognised secure intermediate purchasing company with whom G-E Automotive Systems is registered.