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As with clients, G-E features a complete vehicle database. From within the vehicle menu, the user can add new vehicles to the system and edit the details of vehicles already on file.

Vehicle rego numbers are not limited to 6 characters so identification numbers for earthmoving equipment, client's boats or items of plant are easily catered for.

Vehicle rego numbers are easily changed and the associated history for the vehicle is automatically retained with the new number.

Vehicle owners are also easily changed without having to use pseudo rego numbers or names and again the vehicle history is carried to the new owner. Simple items like these are overlooked in many workshop programs, creating havoc when the scenario arises.

Through the vehicle menu, the user can access the history of any vehicle on file. Vehicle history is a critically  important function for finding invoices for warranty claims, general perusal of past work performed on a vehicle or simply to check if a part was changed in the past. The History function is available from numerous places throughout the software. G-E has a history search engine with the power to trivialise the competition. From simply returning a list of all invoices ever written to the vehicle, to performing a specific "word search" on every invoice written to the vehicle. With this sort of history searching power, a user could expect to find any specific invoice within seconds, saving valuable time. G-E's vehicle history is so efficient you will use it to check the most trivial things, like when you last replaced the vehicle's wiper blades. Other software history searches are so cumbersome, trivial searches are just not worth the hassle.

Complete history for a vehicle or history falling between search dates can be presented and printed. Anyone ask for reprints of all invoices to their vehicle when the client wishes to sell it?

Also residing within the Vehicle option is the Service Reminder function with direct ties to the letter database. G-E's reminder function goes a step beyond the competition. Some client's vehicles travel around 10,000 klms in 6 months. A reps vehicle may do that distance in 2 months. Obviously a six monthly service reminder doesn't suit all vehicles! By gathering dates and odometer readings from all the vehicle's previous invoices, performing some cunning mathematics, G-E is capable of calculating the date at which a vehicle has traveled a certain distance with remarkable accuracy and set a reminder for that date. Of course, period reminders are also available. The reminder function can also be set to remind you to pay the power bill, meet the accountant, send flowers to your Mother in Law for her birthday etc.

A complete Job Bookings utility is available from the Vehicles menu. The Job Bookings utility includes a calender which can be quickly set to show any day of any month. Bookings can be taken for any day. Bookings can be taken for clients and vehicles on file or new clients with no details in the system as yet. New clients and their vehicles can be added to the system when they arrive for the work without leaving the Bookings function. Vehicle histories can be checked from the Bookings screen so you can quickly obtain history information to answer your client's questions. Calender days can be marked as "Full" to prevent overbooking and "Moderate" to warn of reasonably busy days when taking a booking. Bookings can be moved to any date for those job postponements. The Bookings function has ties with the Print Jobsheet utility so jobsheets for the bookings can be printed showing all vehicle & client details and work to be performed. A work order (invoice) can be started from the bookings screen. The Bookings screen can be shrunk to the task bar by clicking anywhere outside the window so it is always quickly available.
Now you can throw that bookings diary in the bin!

"Service Notes" can be stored with a vehicle file.  These are notes of upcoming service items which require attention when the vehicle is next serviced. For example, you may have completed a 90,000 klm service on a vehicle and the timing belt is due for replacement at the next service. Adding a service note; "Timing belt due next service" ensures you will be aware of this. When this vehicle is booked for service six months down the track, the Service Notes are automatically displayed while you have the client on the phone making the booking. This can be brought to the client's attention and you are aware of the extra time this job will need to be allocated.