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The Utilities menu contains various functions. These functions are:

G-E has a password facility which can be enabled or disabled as you require. When enabled, the password is required to access menus which contain sensitive financial data. The password also prevents deletions from the system and editing of finalised invoices.

Backup & Restore:
G-E has its own inbuilt backup and restore routines. We do not hand you off to Windows backup or give you file names and paths to copy somewhere. G-E's Backup and Restore are sophisticated functions which perform data compression with date and time stamping of the backup files along with date / time comparrison and data decompression for restore files. G-E allows backup and restore to and from any drive in your computer with only a few mouse clicks. Date and time stamps are checked before files are overwritten to prevent accidental data loss. Backups are vitally important so we have made the procedure fast and simple.

Rebuild Index:
The rebuild index function forces G-E to rebuild its main data index from the system files. This is, at most, rarely required, but we have included it just in case the index becomes corrupted through an event like a power cut when a file is being written to disk. Giving you the tools to do this could save you "down time" should such an event occur.

Text Entry:
The text entry function is an area where you can "pre-type" texts which can be imported into invoices. Texts already on file as well as texts typed into an invoice and saved to the text library can be edited from here.

G-E can store complete invoice "kits". A kit is a complete invoice containing all the parts, labour, text etc. Kits can be created from the Utilities > Kit option or an invoice you have just created can be saved as a kit. Kits are extremely useful for repetitive work which requires the same parts, text and labour etc. With a kit, a complete invoice can be generated with only a few mouse clicks or keystrokes. Kits stored in the system can be edited here. Kits use live data from the parts libraries. This means if parts and labour prices have been updated, the kit will use the updated prices.

Tax Information / Currency
G-E is truly international software with registered users in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This utilty allows the user to set up fiscal year, GST or VAT percentages, tax names and currencies to suit the country the software is being used in.

Select Default Printer:
If you have more than one printer connected to your computer, this function lists them and allows you to select the printer you require for G-E's main print outputs, invoices, reports, tax adjustments etc.

Envelope Setup:
G-E prints directly to "DL" sized envelopes. You do not have to mess around with labels and the like. The Envelope Setup utility allows you to adjust the print margins on the envelope as well as select a different printer for envelope printing. You may have several printers attached and one handles envelopes faster than another. G-E also prints your company name and address on the top left hand corner of the envelope. The setup utility allows you to turn this function on or off as you wish.

Print Job Sheets:
The Print Job Sheets function prints a worksheet used by your technicians on the floor to record the client and vehicle details for the job. There is an area for the work description to be performed on the job as well as time recording (clock on and off), parts used and description of work the technician has performed. You never have to buy jobcards again. The number of job sheets you need is entered and your printer does the rest, saving you money.

Conversion Table:
G-E is equipped with a conversion table to assist you in your day to day needs. The table contains conversions for most situations. Temperature, power, distance, speed, fuel consumption, weight, pressure, torque, capacity and more. If we don't have it all covered you can add conversions of your own to the table using the table edit function built into the conversion table.

You no longer have to dig for a calculator when you need one. G-E has a simple function which calls the system calculator.

Graphics Library:
The Graphics library contains several photographs of vehicles and components in dismantled states to assist you when describing work required to clients. You can easily add images yourself to the library. To perform any work on a heater on a VR Commodore for example, as you know, the entire dash needs to be removed. Call the Graphics Library and show your client a photo of the vehicle with the dash removed. When the client sees a vehicle with the dash removed he / she will better appreciate the work involved and wonder how you can do it for such little money!

To reduce the file size and download time of the software from this site, only one image is included for the Graphics Library. More images are available on the software's CD. We hope to have images available on this site for download to the library in the near future. Images of .bmp format can be easily added to the library by the user.