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The Accounts menu offers all the functions and tools required for tracking client accounts and activity.

Any client account can be viewed showing all the transactions in the client's history or transactions between search dates.

Invoices listed in the transactions listing can be viewed from the transactions screen.

All invoices or payments listed between search dates can be reprinted. Ideal when a client requires copies of these for a fiscal year!

An "Outstandings" utility is available which lists all clients with outstanding balances. The listing shows the client name and the 'aged periods' at which the amounts are owing and totals owing for all periods. Any entry in the listing can be highlighted and the full details of the client shown for reminder calls etc.

The Accounts utility also looks after the payments taken from clients. Ledger columns are automatically updated as payments are taken. Payments taken can be edited should an error be made. This prevents the need for extra entries etc. to offset the error.

Monthly statements can be printed from the Accounts utility for all clients with outstanding balances. Clients can be removed from the statement print listing.  It takes time to print many statements, so G-E allows the user to pause the statement run to take a payment, generate an invoice, enter a new client in the system, or any other function.

It is useful functions like these that sets G-E apart from the competition. It was because a statement run prevented a payment to be taken instantly and a handwritten receipt had to be issued so as not to unduely detain the client. An obvious advantage of software being developed while in actual use in a workshop.
Envelopes can be printed for all clients receiving statements. Both the statements and the envelopes are printed in order so it becomes a simple matter of putting statements in envelopes with no need to sort.

An important note here. G-E does not require "Month End Rollovers". G-E uses live data so statements can be printed for any month at any time. Your system does not grind to a halt at the end of the month until you have caught up on your "paperwork".