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A complete client database. Add new clients to the system. Edit a client's details. Search for clients by their last name, first name, vehicle rego number, vehicle model or even by past invoice number. 
The system permits change of the client's surname so a new file need not be created should a client change their surname by marriage etc. All the vehicles owned by the client automatically reflect the surname change.

The client file is presented in simple to read "top to bottom" format, not spread all over the screen in small text boxes. A "Postal Name" field is included for professional addressing of envelopes to a client. The envelope can be addressed as "Dr. P. Smith" rather than "Peter Smith". Gives a more professional image.

The Client menu also offers an envelope addressing utility which is used to print envelopes to any one, or selection of or even all clients. G-E is designed to print directly to standard "DL" size envelopes, the standard for A4 paper. No need to mess around with labels and formatting etc.

If you have more than one printer, G-E may be easily set to print invoices etc. on one printer and envelopes on the other. Enter all your suppliers as clients in the system. When it comes time to pay them at the end of the month, simply select the suppliers receiving cheques and print the envelopes for them. This leaves one less hassle for the "end of month blues".

The software's powerful Letter function is available from the Client menu. Any single client or a selection of clients can be selected to receive a general letter. This is great for promotions etc.

A "Print Statement" option is included here for a quick reprint of a monthly statement for any selected client for any selected month.

Note: The main Monthly Statements function is listed under the Accounts menu option.