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Invoicing is where we spend most of the time with workshop software so a great deal of time has been spent on perfecting this utility. G-E has many functions built into the invoicing utility to make your life easier.

For starters, the invoice screen is split into two. The top section handles all the parts sold on the invoice and the lower section handles the text. Both sections are visible at all times.

The text section contains the word editor where we can enter text describing the work performed. If you find it easier to type in all upper case characters (which seems to be the "norm" when most mechanics type), then by all means do so. When you have finished, click the "Toggle" button and G-E will set the text case correctly for you. This gives a far tidier appearance to the printed invoice.

Speaking of appearance, G-E prints a neat and tidy invoice. A lot of thought and effort has been put into the invoice aesthetics. Your client sees the invoice so a neat and tidy appearance is imperative as it may be regarded as a reflection on your work.

The invoicing utility can import "pre-typed" texts and save typed text for future use. To add to this, the "pre-typed" texts can be "generic" or "model specific". The text required to explain the work performed to replace a water pump on a Camry could differ from the text required for a similar job on a Commodore. Storing "model specific" texts mean you do not have to edit a generic text to suit the job.

G-E also utilizes an invoice "kits" utility. A kit is a complete invoice containing all parts, labour and sublet work along with the text. This is ideal for repetitive work and with this function a comprehensive invoice can be written in seconds. Invoices created for the first time can be saved as a "kit" for future use.

History for the vehicle being invoiced is one mouse click away. What did you charge the client for the last set of brake pads you fitted? The History control quickly reveals that invoice. You can even copy the text from that invoice and paste it into the invoice you are writing without leaving the invoice function.

The invoice utility ties seamlessly with the parts system. Parts can be added to the various libraries and library entries can be updated "on the fly" from within an invoice. Part history is also quickly available so it is easy to check the prices of a part sold previously. A part entry details in an invoice can be easily changed for the current invoice entry only without affecting the library entry. The parts inventory is automatically updated when invoices are saved or "finalised".

You write an invoice and "finalise" it only to find later you have forgotten to charge for a part that was fitted or you have overcharged for a part or you simply notice a glaring spelling error. In most software, this would require another invoice explaining the omitted part or a credit explaining the overcharge. In G-E this is not a problem. A "finalised" invoice can be opened again for editing so an error can be corrected. This gives a more professional image than handing a client a handful of paperwork explaining errors!

Before an invoice is "finalised", we call it a "work order". A work order can be carried over time for those extended jobs. Work orders can be opened and edited any number of times so parts etc can be added as the job progresses.

Invoices can be written directly for clients, with no vehicle involved. Fixed a client's lawnmower before?

The invoice menu option also has utilities to quickly view any past invoice. Past invoices can be located by various means, invoice number, rego number, client name etc.

An "invoice register" is also available which will list all invoices written between search dates.

Tax adjustments (credits) can be written from the invoicing menu and adjustments can also be edited.

To sum up, we spend a lot of time writing invoices to clients, this is where we collect for our efforts! G-E presents an aesthetically perfect invoice, along with your logo if you wish. The invoice system is presented as if you were using a paper based system. You would normally list the parts and write any text in an invoice book.

GST totals are shown and all the maths is looked after for you. G-E gives you the tools you require to quickly generate your invoices. I am using G-E to write invoices every day in the workshop and I don't have time for anything but an efficient system.