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The Invoice "Work Order" screen. A "Work Order" is an "invoice in the making". Work orders can be opened, edited and saved over and over again. For those extended jobs, parts and labour etc can be added to the work order as they come to hand. A work order becomes an invoice when it is "finalised". The work order function is loaded with tools to assist you. You can import texts, kits, parts etc. You can save texts to libraries, save work orders to kits. Type notes all in upper or lower case & correctly set the case with the "Toggle Case" control. View the history of the vehicle being invoiced. You can call previous invoices for the vehicle and copy and paste text into the current work order. You can update parts libraries and add parts to libraries on the fly. You can edit a part cost and description in the work order for the work order only without effecting the part data in the library. The text editor is constantly watched by the system's spell checker. "Fast Text" can be used to speed text input. Outstanding purchase order items assigned to the work order can be recalled and receipted from the work order screen. The list of functions performed from this screen seems endless!